History <Chronology>

History <Chronology>
Year/Month History
May. 1949 Hirosaki University founded.
(Hirosaki High School, Aomori Normal School, Aomori Youth Normal School, Hirosaki Medical College and Aomori Medical School are merged into the University of Hirosaki.)
Jun. 1949 Faculty of Arts and Science, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Medicine established.
Apr. 1951 Agricultural Course established into Faculty of Arts and Science.
Jul. 1955 Agricultural Course detached from Faculty of Arts and Science. Faculty of Agriculture established.
Apr. 1965 Faculty of Arts and Science reorganized into Faculty of Humanities (Department of Arts, Department of Economic) and Faculty of Science and Departments of Liberal Studies.
Apr. 1980 Department of Arts reorganized into Department of Humanities (Basic Humanities course, Human Behavior Course, Japanese Literature Course, Oriental Culture Course, Western Culture Course).
Apr. 1989 Graduate School of Humanities (M.A.) established.
Sep. 1997 Departments of Liberal Studies closed.
Apr. 1998 Faculty of Humanities was reorganized by adopting 3 programs of studies and 8 courses system
Apr. 1999 Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Department of Scientific Culture and Department of Applied Social Science) established.
Apr. 2005 Faculty of Humanities was reorganized.
Apr. 2016 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was reorganized by adopting 2courses and 5programs.
Apr. 2020 Reorganization of the Master's Program of the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (1 Department, 3 Courses)

Main switch board number
Tel: +81-172-36-2111
Faculty of Humanities and
Social Sciences Address:
1 Bunkyo-cho, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori 036-8560

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