The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences:
A Guide to the Graduate Studies Program

Distinctive Features of the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

 The Hirosaki University Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (master’s course) offers a well-rounded educational program in the humanities and the social sciences that prepares students to become highly skilled specialists and researchers.

The Importance of Specialized and Cross-Disciplinary Research

 Today, as the reach of globalization continues to expand, the entire world is becoming a place where cultures and values must coexist. At the same time, the challenges that we face every day in the real world have grown more complex and diverse, demanding that we respond with a strong sense of our inter-connectedness.
 On the other hand, there are also moves to educate the upcoming generation through the active application of academic knowledge that can be employed to protect and sustain distinctive and unique cultures. These autonomous and symbiotic approaches to education are beginning to gather momentum across the globe.
 In order to better understand this complexity and diversity, it is imperative that we start by considering the fundamentals of human history and cultures. We must also strive to keep up with the transformations that are occurring throughout the world by exercising a deeper understanding of culture and art and an historical and global awareness of how human beings have coexisted. To meet these needs, analytical tools necessary to grasp policies and institutions and a flexibility to utilize the theories and methodologies that traverse specialized disciplines are of great importance.

Distinctive Features of the Curriculum

 There are four distinguishing features of the curriculum

 The Graduate School offers specialized skills coursework that prepares students for specialized research in the humanities and social sciences. More than 100 systematically organized specialized courses are provided.
 The Graduate School has also introduced “cross-disciplinary courses” that transcend specialized areas of study to present to the student a multiplicity of theoretical and methodological approaches to issues in the humanities and social sciences.
 Special project research courses provide students with opportunities to receive personalized guidance
 An "Interim Master's Thesis Presentation Forum" and a "Final Master's Thesis Presentation Forum" offer all students in the master’s program the opportunity to present their research at an open forum.

Three Courses/Majors

The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences is made up of a single department, the "Department of Humanities and Social Sciences," under which three major programs (Courses) have been established.

Major Course (faculty) Research Guidance Fields
The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences Cultural Arts Course Cultural Properties
Japanese Language・Japanese Literature Intellectual Thought and the Arts
Modern Inter-Cultural Studies Course Linguistics
Regional Histories
Global Studies
Modern Law and Politics
Policy Science Course Economics and Statistical Analysis
Policy Assessment
Accounting Information

Main switch board number
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Faculty of Humanities and
Social Sciences Address:
1 Bunkyo-cho, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori 036-8560

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